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The schools have to make up for this by finding some way to compensate these athletes. (132).

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All of these problems could be minimized, if not completely eliminated, by adopting a program for compensating student athletes.

Many collegiate athletes put as much if not more time into their sport as they do in their school work.Furthermore, athletes have been accused of making deals with gamblers and altering the outcome of games.

The schools have to make up for this by finding some way to compensate these athletes.Because of controversy over the ncaa should be paid to polls among economists, it s.

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Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.In five pages this paper discusses contemporary sports in a consideration of economic conditions such as community impact and athl.These amateur athletes have no incentive to stay in college and finish their respective degrees, as many cannot afford to pay for the increasingly expensive college experience.For the universities, and especially the National Collegiate Athletic.

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The idea of paying a college athlete appears to be outrageous to some.While many believe that student athletes are entitled to income, It remains undougtibly a concern of moral interest to universities across the country.

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Over the past few years, one of the greatest debates has been whether student- athletes should be paid as if they were professional athletes.This means that while the free tuition is nice, they are still going to need money for other expenses that every college student faces.Free persuasive essay sample: The NCAA should pay student athletes because it can actually do it.

I noticed it was written by Michael Wilbon, one of the hosts from the ESPN show, Pardon the Interruption.People are making millions of dollars off of these athletes while, they are living in poverty.

However, due to the large amount of profit that universities and the NCAA receive solely from the success of their athletes, it would be highly beneficial as well as fair to allow payment of these college athletes.The athletes are money making machines for the colleges and the NCAA.Recently in the news, there was a report on the five University of Kentucky basketball players that decided to enter the NBA draft after only their freshmen season.Research Paper: Paying College Athletes. Should College Athletes Be Paid.

College was made as a way to continue your schooling to receive a higher education.

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Students who play at the college level are considered student- athletes.

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The documents downloaded from or its affiliates are not to be.These athletes were disciplined by the NCAA, and all college accomplishments were vacated, almost like they never attended the university.The trend is for athletes to leave school early for the professional leagues because of the fame and fortune that follows this move.According to see the college athletes should scholarship athletes should college athletes be paid.As a student in college it should be a priority to get keep your grades up.

I believe college student-athletes should be able to make money and receive benefits because any normal college student can make money in any way possible and receive benefits from anyone who is willing to give it to them.Then he becomes just another person in his early 20s without a college degree, looking for a job.

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The NCAA and professional leagues can work together to institute a plan to compensate these athletes and remedy all these problems. (165) Student athletes need money just like any other college students, and many of them need it even more.

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Two-year public colleges are more often referred to as community colleges.